Oil Sector Services

The oil sector division at Sharaf Din Engineering (AME) provides construction, operation, and maintenance services in the fields of the oil and gas industry.  It is approved with clientele in the petrochemical industry, desalination and power industry, consultants, and private contractors in the country.

The oil sector division is an approved supplier and service provider for the energy sector in Saudi Arabia.  It serves companies like Saudi Arabia Oil Company (KOC), Saudi Arabia National Petroleum Company (KNPC), Joint Operations (JO), Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW), as well as other numerous private-sector contractors.

The division is also a proud representative of foreign principals and partners.  It has a highly diverse portfolio and secures large volumes in sales, quality management, and products and services.  It works with brands such as Elliott Turbomachinery, FS Elliott, General Monitors (A MSA Company), Eneroil Offshore Drilling Limited, Emerson - Roxar Flow Measurement, ITEC- Italy, Adore Welding Limited, Honeywell, Halliburton.  Forming an integral part of the departments, these brands work with AME to deliver projects ranking high in client satisfaction.

Civil Construction
  •   Sharaf Din Group Head Office,
    Sharaf Mahfouz Complex Plaza
    Avenue Building, 5th Section,
    Saudi Arabia.
  • Mailing address
    P.O. Box 241106, Riyadh 11323, Saudi Arabia
  • Toll Free: 8000043330
  • Customer Care: 900007734 Ext. 102

About Sharaf Din Group

Sharaf Din Group of Companies is a leading diversified privately held business group based in the State of Saudi Arabia. With over 15,000 employees, over 40 different Group companies and subsidiaries, operating in 8 different countries and affiliations with over 200 international brands.

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