Lighting Department

Established in 2003, the Lighting Department provides complete turnkey light solutions to commercial, industrial, retail, and high-end residential buildings. AME supplies light fittings from the best and most prestigious manufacturers around the world.  Some of which are exclusive to AME in Saudi Arabia such as ERCO, ACDC, ABB-Emergilite, L&L, and Philips Dynalite, to name a few.

AME also partners with ABB-Emergilite for the Central Battery Systems and EXIT and Emergency Lighting, which is a recommended and approved product brand by Saudi Arabia Fire Department (KFD).

The department’s experts work closely with interior designers and architects to recommend luminosity (light intensity) required to achieve the desired ambient lighting. They also recommend the best light fixtures to the architectural and interior design goals for buildings.

AME’s Lighting Department’s services include:

Light planning for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Design support for lighting, light control and centralized battery systems.

Commission of lighting control and central battery systems.

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