Building Technologies (BT) Department

Our BT services cover design, supply, installation, upgrade, commission, and 24/7 operation and maintenance of automation systems of multiple scales, such as shopping malls, hospitals, universities, government buildings, residential buildings and villas.  We divide the services into two main categories and covers:

  • Building Management Systems.
  • Low Voltage Systems such as CCTV, access control, nurse call system, car parking system, IT (active/passive), audiovisual system, IPTV, digital clock, digital signage, and home automation systems.

The benefits of building technologies are vast.  To name a few, first, the achievement of energy savings of buildings during operations, and, operational efficiencies by integrating systems and buildings systems.

Second, buildings and their systems must be tuned and coordinated to drive greater comfort and ultimately greater productivity for their occupants. People in buildings are the most valuable and critical resource, so making an impact on them has exceptional potential to drive value.

And finally, by increasing the value of buildings owners, operators and real estate developers can easily justify their investments in making buildings smarter and more connected, by delivering returns based on more than energy savings but though savings, efficiency and value across all stages of the building’s lifecycle.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Jaber Hospital, Saudi Arabia

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