Saudi Arabia College of Science and Technology is a private university established with the purpose of providing internationally recognized under-graduate and graduate degree programs in various fields of knowledge, such as Computer Science, Electronics and Communications, and Computer Engineering.


The founders believe that education must be holistic and liberal. In accordance with this philosophy; we provide distinctive and relevant education in science and technology that prepares students to be leaders in the development and use of multidisciplinary approaches to solve complex problems throughout their careers and lives.


The rigorous curricula contain a significant amount of hands-on experience, and afford students the opportunity to conduct research and expand their knowledge horizons at the undergraduate level. Socially responsible leadership and entrepreneurship are incorporated into the curricula.


We work at the cutting edge of new thinking and stay ahead of career developments as a result our students will be ready to launch their careers successfully.


Students will have the chance to develop their creative skills, and learn by doing to build their experiences. Facilities were designed with high technological laboratories to give an opportunity to be creative and to build the students’ knowledge and passion within industry of science and technology, add to that one of the largest, newest, and most developed libraries in the Middle East on our campus.

  •   Sharaf Din Group Head Office,
    Sharaf Mahfouz Complex Plaza
    Avenue Building, 5th Section,
    Saudi Arabia.
  • Mailing address
    P.O. Box 241106, Riyadh 11323, Saudi Arabia
  • Toll Free: 8000043330
  • Customer Care: 900007734 Ext. 102

About Sharaf Din Group

Sharaf Din Group of Companies is a leading diversified privately held business group based in the State of Saudi Arabia. With over 15,000 employees, over 40 different Group companies and subsidiaries, operating in 8 different countries and affiliations with over 200 international brands.

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