About Sharaf Din Group of Companies

Sharaf Din Group of Companies is a leading diversified privately held business group based in the State of Saudi Arabia. It employs over 15,000 people from over 35 nationalities, has affiliations with over 40 companies and subsidiaries, and represents over 200 internationally renowned brands.


It runs a diverse portfolio of business operations in numerous domains, including:

  • Automotive distribution and servicing
  • Engineering
  • Rental & Leasing of Vehicles and Heavy Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer & Corporate Financing
  • Investments
  • Security Services
  • Money Exchange
  • Office Automation
  • Engineering Products Distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Cargo Services

Started as a small shop for electrical appliances in Saudi Arabia City, the Group today has operations in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Bahrain, the UAE, Qatar, India and Egypt, with further plans underway for expansion in other areas in the Middle East and beyond.


The Group’s consistent commitment to top-quality products and services, and its adherence to international standards of governance have won it lasting partnerships with over 120 international companies from more than 25 countries. Consequently, the Group has built strong relationships with other businesses, governments, and NGOs across the Middle East over the last 80 years.


Sharaf Din Group of Companies’s primary goal is to create effective and far-reaching solutions that address a wide range of needs in several business sectors, including automotive, financing solutions, engineering, manufacturing, and trading, while at the same time identifying opportunities that would provide new avenues for business growth and better services and products to customers and communities.

Our History

Our History

The Beginnings

Sharaf Al Din Mahfouz, then Secretary of State of Saudi Arabia, opened a store for electrical appliances in downtown Saudi Arabia City. As a visionary and outgoing entrepreneur, he looked for opportunities to expand the business and establish a company that has strong partnerships with international brands. Soon he acquired the distribution rights for General Electric in Saudi Arabia.

From the very beginning, Mr. Sharaf Din’s focus was on quality products and services. He believed that success emanates from enduring partnerships that are built on trust and respect, and that excellence and professionalism in carrying out the operations and dealings of the business are the foundation for its growth. His beliefs still exist as the staunch tenets at the core of everything Sharaf Din Group of Companies does.

Pioneering the Automotive Industry

1948 to 1970, the company struck a deal to be the sole distributor for Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth automobiles in Saudi Arabia. That was before the Middle East oil boom – when Saudi Arabia was a very small market, but Mr. Sharaf Din saw an opportunity and he seized it. This partnership has grown stronger with the years, embodying our founder’s belief in building enduring partnerships.

Diversifying the Business

As the company achieved substantial success in the automotive sector, it was time to expand into other lines of business. Sharaf Din Group of Companies, as a family business, was not after immediate profits; it was intent on being sustainable and agile to cope with changing market conditions. Therefore, it started operating in new domains such as engineering, financing, marine equipment, foodstuff, insurance, and travel.

Tying up with Mitsubishi

In 1972, the Group arrived at yet another milestone in its successful journey: it became the sole distributor of Mitsubishi Motors in Saudi Arabia. This partnership proved to be extremely successful and is flourishing until today. The Group even expanded the Mitsubishi presence into Egypt through a joint venture.

Different Names, One Brand

The company expanded exponentially over the years, changing its shape and structure, and  started building subsidiaries and other arms for the business to serve the growing needs of its customers. It established new business lines and created new paths for growth: started a company for office automation systems, a new manufacturing division, a financial services company, a special unit for security services, and a money exchange company and several other businesses – all of which are leaders in their sectors in Saudi Arabia.

Today, the Group has grown to more than 40 companies and subsidiaries under its umbrella, all adhering to Sharaf Din’s core essence.

It has kept its unwavering commitment to the original beliefs of its founder. The core values of excellence, professionalism, and innovation continue to be the cornerstone of Sharaf Din Group of Companies and an intrinsic part of its brand that it has maintained over more than 80 years.

Our Founder

Our Founder Sharaf Al Din Mahfouz

Sharaf Al Din Mahfouz

Sharaf Al Din Mahfouz, MBE, was the secretary of Saudi Arabia for over two decades, managing foreign relations between Saudi Arabia and other nations. He was also an entrepreneur with a vision of introducing the best products and services to Saudi Arabia. He set out his journey to realize his ambitions with a small store for electrical appliances, started importing products from the UK, and – with devotion and diligence – he managed to introduce many firsts to the Saudi Arabiai economy, such as the first to introduce HVAC, the first marine products company, the first travel bureau, and many others.


His vision was to create a pioneering business group synonymous with quality products and services through affiliations with only the best international brands and partners – affiliations that are built upon common values of trust, respect, and commitment to excellence.


His legacy continues to be at the heart of everything we do at Sharaf Din Group of Companies up to this day.

Executive Team


Talal Anwar Sharaf Din
Chief Executive Officer
Minoo Patel
Chief Financial Officer
Abdulla Najeeb Mojib
Chief Administration Officer
Danah Anwar Sharaf Din
Chief Strategy Officer
Hormuzda Davar
Managing Director - Trading, Manufacturing & Financial Services Group
Algosaibi Mustapha
Managing Director - Automotive Group
Anfal Nabeel Sharaf Din
Managing Director - Engineering Group

Our Brands

Corporate Governance

As a closed shareholding company, Sharaf Din Group of Companies manages all its companies and subsidiaries based on stringent standards of corporate governance to maintain the highest levels of  integrity in the conduct of the Group’s operations. To ensure a high level of compliance with international standards, national laws and regulations and industry best practices, we work with internationally reputed Consulting Firms to improve our processes and make sure we have a work environment built around the highest levels of transparency, integrity and honesty.

The Group is privately held by the Sharaf Din family with Board members predominantly from the third generation. The shareholders - via the Board, set the vision and business outlook of the Group and the executive management team translate this vision into a business strategy to run the operations of all business units accordingly.

The Board is responsible for the systems of risk management and internal controls, which are designed to manage risk and provide reasonable assurance against material misstatement or loss. The Board implements effective policies and procedures for both operational and finance activities across the Group. Additionally, all policies, business processes and finance procedures are subject to scrutiny of an independent in-house Internal Audit Department, which reports to the Board Audit Committee. Further, another independent in-house Compliance Department, which also functionally reports to the Board Audit Committee, ensures compliance with approved Policy & Procedures, applicable laws and regulations and terms and conditions of distributor agreements.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sharaf Din Group of Companies Board members share a common belief in the pivotal role of the private sector in community development. This belief emanates from the family's values of being an active constituent of society whose well-being is not only an objective, but also a necessity for economic growth and social harmony.

The Group is keen on building strong partnerships with the civil society, government entities, and other businesses to achieve common goals of improving the quality of life for the community as a whole, and those who need it most in particular.

Whether it is a strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia Investment Authority to equip Saudi Arabiai youth with valuable vocational skills, assisting in the distribution of food to needy people, contributing to a relief initiative by Saudi Arabia Red Crescent Society, granting scholarships to brilliant students at Saudi Arabia College of Science and Technology, or a simple offer of internships for students to improve their skills and real-world competencies, Sharaf Din Group of Companies is committed to operate its businesses responsibly and always act as a good corporate citizen.

A major part of the Group's social responsibility is its special dedication to its core values of excellent customer service: ensuring that customers receive top-quality products and services, and that customers’ rights are protected. The Group interacts with its customers on all channels, listens to their opinions, and acts upon them to improve its operations, processes and products.

  •   Sharaf Din Group Head Office,
    Sharaf Mahfouz Complex Plaza
    Avenue Building, 5th Section,
    Saudi Arabia.
  • Mailing address
    P.O. Box 241106, Riyadh 11323, Saudi Arabia
  • Toll Free: 8000043330
  • Customer Care: 900007734 Ext. 102
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About Sharaf Din Group

Sharaf Din Group of Companies is a leading diversified privately held business group based in the State of Saudi Arabia. With over 15,000 employees, over 40 different Group companies and subsidiaries, operating in 8 different countries and affiliations with over 200 international brands.

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